So you have your family photoshoot booked and you’re trying to decide what everybody should wear. Today I’m here to offer 3 easy steps for picking out outfits for your next family session!

1. Pick a color palate. Choose 1 or 2 neutrals (denim / khaki / black / white) mixed with 2 or 3 complimentary colors. I encourage you to think about where you’ll be displaying your family portraits, and draw color and style inspiration from the rooms where your new portrait will hang. Also think about the location you have chosen and what will look good with the scenery. You can look through color seeds on pinterest when trying to narrow down a palate of colors that will look great together.  If you need help with a color palate, ask your photographer for help!

2. Pick mostly solid colored pieces and add patterns sparingly. Patterns will add visual interest, and more importantly should help you tie the colors of your palate together. Make sure patterned pieces won’t be too distracting or overwhelming, since you still want the focus of your portraits to be your beautiful faces!

3. Lay all your options for each person out together and mix & match to find a good balance.  The goal is to blend, so that no one outfit or color dominates the rest.  Lighter colors have more visual weight than darker colors, and patterns will grab attention faster than solids, so pay particular attention to those.

Contact me if you need more help choosing what to wear for your family photoshoot – I am always willing to give you my honest opinion on what I think will work best!