Natural Backyard Senior Pictures in Madison WI | Molly

Molly was searching for a photographer to take natural, casual, and classic senior pictures for her, when a google search led her to my website. Molly was drawn to the poses in my senior portfolio that she described as looking “effortless”. We created the same kind of style for Molly by keeping her poses, outfits, and backgrounds simple.

Molly’s senior session is a good reminder that we don’t need anything fancy to create a beautiful genuine photograph. The best locations are usually the ones we walk right by every single day! This first set of photos was taken at a small park that we walked to from her house. And then a few were taken in the flower garden in her front yard!  The street and other houses are just behind her, but with the right composition, lens, and camera settings, I was able to blur all of that out into a beautiful background so that the focus stayed on what was most important – Molly! Some of my favorite pictures of Molly are the ones on her dock with the water behind her. It’s a bright, fresh, modern look while still looking really natural. Here are some of our favorites:

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