What to Wear: H.S. Senior Guys

The most common question I get as a photographer is, “What should I wear for my photoshoot?”. 

Choosing outfits for your high school senior session doesn’t have be stressful.  Simple is better, and you probably have most of what you need already in your closet.  Here are some of my outfit tips for high school senior guys.


Choose Variety – You have the opportunity to wear different outfits for your senior session, so aim for variety. Bring outfits that are unique in color, sleeve length and dressiness. You’ll want the go-to outfit you wear on a regular basis AND something nicer from your closet that you wear for special occasions.

Fit Your Form – Fit is one of the most important aspects of choosing clothing for portraits. Skip anything that is too oversized on you. On the flip side, if clothing is too skin tight it will look and feel uncomfortable especially for photos where you are sitting down.  Try everything on!!

Avoid Too Much Pattern – Avoid busy and high-contrast patterns which are distracting for portraits. Solid colors or very simple patterns will work much better. If you have a patterned shirt you love see if you can simplify the look with a solid colored layer.

Don’t go TOO Basic – While simple is best, a plain cotton t-shirt can be a little boring. Basic is good, but something with buttons or a collar, or a nice texture, will help elevate the outfit to portrait worthy.

Layer Up & Accessorize – Sweaters, jackets, vests, or even a nice zip up sweatshirt are really great pieces to bring for layering which adds interest without being too overwhelming to the eye. If you’re into sunglasses, hats, shoes, etc. make sure you bring some of your favorites!

No Logos – Logos or graphics are usually “don’ts”. Unless it’s your college sweatshirt, sports gear, or something super special to you that you want to highlight for just a few photos!

Below is a link to my Pinterest board with Senior Guy Outfit Inspiration for you, to help you get started!

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