Ethan’s Downtown Sheboygan Senior Photoshoot

Olivia lives in South Dakota, but her family frequently stays at the Blue Harbor Resort in the summer.  So when it came to deciding where to have senior portraits taken, they decided why not have them taken here?!  Every high school senior wants their photos to be different and unique from their friends, and having her photoshoot done on the beach here in Sheboygan was a sure fire way to make sure Olivia’s photos looked nothing like her peers’ back in South Dakota!

After professional Hair & Makeup done by Leigh Raeder here at the studio, we headed over to Blue Harbor.  Since her family was staying here, they were able to take part in the photoshoot at different times too.  Her little sister even took a few behind the scenes pictures which I’ll share below!

The more I got to know Olivia, the more impressed I was by her.  She is planning on studying Architecture at Notre Dame next year!!  And the top 3 things on her bucket list right now are: to visit every continent, bike in a cross country trip, and go to the top of the Burj Khalifa building!

When I asked Olivia how her senior photoshoot changed the way she felt about / saw herself she said:” The photoshoot made me grateful for where I am at in life and was a reminder to enjoy it.” This is my FAVORITE answer ever!  Yes, Olivia you are a beautiful, young, smart, talented, kind person with the whole world at your fingertips! I’m glad your photos reflected that back to you, helped you to remember to be grateful for where you are right now & excited for the bright future ahead.

Here is what Olivia had to say about her senior portrait experience: “Rebecca was extremely thorough and communicated very well throughout the whole entire process! Her photos are beautiful! It was so much fun to relive that day and have these memories forever.” 

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