be.Tween: a Portrait Experience for tweens

We all remember what it was like being a tween right? I know I’m not the only one who felt gawky and awkward in this in between phase – not quite a teen yet but definitely not a kid anymore.

This is a notoriously rough age, and we all have “survival” stories of our own. But 24/7 social media, cyber bullying, and the rise of digital distortion (photoshop, filters & editing apps that change people’s features to mimic unrealistic standards of beauty) have made it especially tough for today’s tweens to thrive through this season of life.

Tweens are bombarded with images of how they ‘should’ look, what they ‘should’ wear and what they ‘should’ do to fit in. You know your child is beautiful, kind, and talented but this is why it can be hard to convince them they are perfect the way they are. So you struggle watching them live through the comparison game, feeling insecure and unseen. 

While there is not one easy answer, I want to offer something I think might help a little. Incorporating my background in psychology, school counseling, and photography, I’m starting an empowering portrait project with the goal of helping tweens:

  • Be seen for who they are
  • Focus on being authentic & stop comparing themselves to others
  • Recognize and appreciate their strengths & unique gifts
  • Free themselves from perfectionist ideas of beauty
  • Overcome negative perceptions of themselves
  • Become more self-assured, confident & comfortable in their own skinExperience 

A be.Tween photoshoot includes:

  • Hair touch ups & light makeup application by our professional stylist
  • 1 hour photoshoot inside (and outside if weather allows) at my home studio
  • 2 outfits (we’ll provide wardrobe guidance)
  • Video slideshow of purchased photos
  • Online proof gallery to purchase digital files and/or printed products
The be.Tween photoshoot fee will be complimentary (a $195 value) with the completion of the pre-session questionnaire by at least one parent / guardian. There is a $195 retainer to reserve your photoshoot which will be returned as a credit in your online gallery to use towards your a la carte or collection purchase. 

be.Tween is NOT just about taking pretty pictures. This is a transformational journey for your child.

This is the role each part of the process will play:

  1. First, we start with the pre-session questionnaire – a way for me to get to know the young person who will be in front of my lens. This ensures that we create an environment and photoshoot that will have a positive impact. It’s also how I get quotes about and affirmations for the tween to include in their video slideshow! 
  2. Then we move on to the photoshoot itself. By creating a safe space, using positive language, guiding their posing yet also offering a chance for self-expression, and geeking out with them over the things they are most passionate about, I help tweens shed their insecurities and let their personality shine. While they are having a fun experience in front of my camera, I’m capturing amazing images of them – this is when the transformation really starts to takes place. 
  3. And finally – hanging their portraits up on your walls. Did you know that research shows children who grow up in homes where their photos are displayed have higher self-esteem? This is why the benefits of a be.Tween photoshoot will last long beyond the session itself. At any age photographs can play an important role in shaping our perceptions of ourselves, but this can be especially true for tweens who are highly influenced by their peers, feel pressured by societal expectations, and are constantly comparing themselves to others. When you hang their photographs up at home you will be boosting their confidence at an age when they most need it! When your child is having a rough day they can watch their video and it will be like having a personal cheering squad, giving them words of encouragement and showing them all of the ways they are seen, loved, and celebrated. Imagine how reassuring and inspiring that will feel!

I’m offering this experience because I’ve been there

I was a majorly shy choir geek in middle school who didn’t feel like I fit in. It took me a long time and lots of work to actually feel confident in my own skin. Now that I’m on the other side of all of that, I want to help young people thrive through these notoriously bumpy years, helping them become more resilient and happy about who they are.

And, I’m MORE than just a photographer.

As a former middle and high school guidance counselor, I’ve spent my entire career working with tweens and teens in some capacity. I’ve learned how to connect with a wide range of personalities and work with all sorts of moods.  Psychology still guides a lot of what I do and making a connection is at the heart of it all. 

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