Twins Senior Pictures at Riverbend in Kohler & the Beach | Jordan & Jacob c.o. 2023

Jordan & Jacob are twins who will be graduating from Sheboygan South H.S. soon! Parents of siblings who are graduating in the same year often ask me if they can do their photoshoots together or if they should schedule them separately.  Both are options and I leave it up to the client, but I LOVE doing sibling sessions together when they agree on locations!  This works great because while I’m photographing one, the other can change into their next outfit.  And of course it’s fun to capture some memories of them together too!

For Jordan & Jacob, it was easy!  They both wanted natural and fun senior pictures and they both wanted to go to the beach. Jordan wanted some of her photos with flowers, and Jacob was interested in forest scenery. Since their family are members at Riverbend in Kohler, the choice was simple – we started there for an elegant and natural setting!  And then hopped over to the beach for some more casual photos.

Below are a few faves from Jacob & Jordan’s senior photoshoot!

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